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"Til's gentle focus and playful nature create a safe environment that helps me identify, maximize and rejoice in my unique way of dealing with life. Our sessions often include tears but ALWAYS contain laughter! I'm grateful to the joy of Til and his skilled dedication to wellness."

Lakewood, CO

"When Til first offered me phone sessions I thought he must have been kidding...therapy on the phone? ...I can't tell how it works, but I can tell - amazing enough and in spite of my initial skepticism - that it works."

--Helen Prisi,
Olten, Switzerland

Consultations and Sessions

In-Person and via Telephone

Types of Individual Sessions with Til Luchau

Coaching Consultations (telephone or in-person)
Hands-on bodywork (Rolfing®, Rolfing Movement®, and Myofascial (in-person)
Facilitation sessions (telephone or in-person)
Professional Supervision (telephone or in-person)

What type of work is right for you?

A free initial telephone or email consultation is available to answer further question and help determine which type of work is right for you. Contact Til to schedule a consultation or appointment.

The methods and techniques employed depend in great measure on the your desires, goals, and needs. We might review your history, discuss your expectations and desires, and use that information to collaborate and decide what type of work and which methods to employ. This discussion is ongoing, and methods often shift to accommodate changing goals and desires. When suggesting a technique or method, I may draw from one or a combination of the modalities listed here.

Typically, an individual Coaching sessions, whether in-person or on the telephone, might begin with internally focused awareness work in order to clarify the direction, goals, and themes of the day's work. This is often followed by discussion, facilitated movement, interaction, dream work, or other activities, and closes with more discussion about how to integrate and use the sessionšs material in everyday life. People often choose this type of work when they are dealing with career, personal, or relationship issues; the psychological or emotional aspects of health or physical symptoms; life change, or other transitions. Although it can be useful to come with a specific goal, dream, symptom, decision, or issue to work with, the most helpful attitude seems to be one of beginning an adventure that may reveal its value and wisdom in surprising ways.

Hands-on bodywork sessions (Rolfing®, Rolfing Movement®, Advanced Myofascial Techniques) directly address physical symptoms, postural or performance concerns, or general self-care. They are typically arranged as either single sessions or as a defined series of sessions (usually 3 to 12 weekly or biweekly appointments), depending on the goals and issues being addressed. Very occasionally, chronic or severe symptoms may require longer-term work, but more often clients will choose to do a series of sessions, followed by a break for integration and application.

Facilitation, Team Building, or Communication work often focuses on facilitated communication, clarifying shared priorities, gaining new perspectives, and if appropriate, on conflict resolution or agreement negotiation. Ongoing work may optionally include individual consultations with individual parties involved.

Professional Supervision sessions, either with individuals or small groups, are a place where practitioners and teachers can discuss cases and issues from their work. Body therapists often get supervision on approaches to difficult conditions, body mechanics, technique, etc. Teachers find it useful to brainstorm about course descriptions or content, teaching methods, or challenging situations. Professional Continuing Education credits (NCBTMB, CAMT, Rolf Institute®, and others) are available for most supervision sessions-- please inquire.

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virtual and local training for the transformative professions

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