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"I loved the combination of competent instruction mixed with a sense of ease, grace, and fun!"

-- C.S.,
Physical Therapist

Advanced Myofascial Techniques for Manual Therapists

Lead by the Advanced-Trainings.com Faculty

Presented in association with the Rolf Institute and other leading institutions since 1989.

For a schedule of workshops in your region, click here.

Completion of the 5 weekend workshops in this series leads to an optional Certification in Advanced Myofascial Techniques. Credit for past classes and at-a-distance options are available. Click here for info.

This popular series of seminars presents practicing somatic therapists and qualified students with advanced and little-known myofascial techniques which can be easily incorporated into existing personal styles. Drawing on a wide range of disciplines, the focus is on unusual, interesting, and fresh approaches that will both expand technique repertoire and inspire creativity and innovation. Potential topics include:

Specific techniques for common structural and functional complaints
Relieving pain, restoring lost function, and getting lasting results
Utilizing both active and passive movement to enhance effectiveness
Precision in working with specific tissue types and body layers
Combining indirect or subtle work with deep or direct work
Tracking subtle psychophysiological and nervous system responses
Ways to work sensitively, safely, and comfortably at very deep levels.

©primal pictures In addition to in-person demonstrations and individualized hands-on supervision, our instructors use state-of-the-art instructional materials, including Primal Pictures' 3D Interactive Anatomy software. Class size and student/teacher ratio are kept small for maximum personal attention. Participants also receive a detailed course manual/note organizer with photos of techniques covered. Videos of instructor demonstrations are also available for post-workshop practice and review. Workshop fee includes the option of a free listing in the Advanced Myofascial Techniques on-line practitioner's directory. Participants will be sent a brief list of anatomical structures to review prior to the course or go to www.advanced-trainings.com/anatreview.html to see that list now.

The Advanced Myofascial Techniques workshop series presents a comprehensive system for working with the body in its entirety, encompassing over 20 session sequences and more than 200 techniques, tests, and procedures. Workshops in the series may be taken individually, or combined in any order. The five courses include:

Arm, Wrist, & Shoulder
Pelvis, Hip, & Sacrum
Legs, Knees, & Feet
Neck, Jaw, & Head
Spine, Ribs, & Low Back

Prerequisite: This course is limited to trained practitioners and students of hands-on body therapies (for example, Bodyworkers, Physical Therapists, Rolfers, Chiropractors, Structural Integration Practitioners, Massage Therapists, Neuro-Muscular Therapists, and other somatic practitioners). Students of these disciplines with at least 250 hours of hands-on training and/or instructor approval may also be accepted. Feel free to contact us directly about prerequisites or course content. Contact the appropriate sponsor for registration: for a workshop schedule and links to sponsors, go to www.advanced-trainings.com/trainings.html.

Each 2-day course provides 12-16 Category A NCBTMB CEU's (check with individual sponsors for precise number). These workshops are approved for Elective CE credits for Certified Rolfers, and for Advanced Myofascial Certification credits. Other types of CEU's may also be available--check with individual sponsors.

Please note that this course covers advanced myofascial techniques intended to supplement practitioners' technique repertory. It is not training in Rolfing® (Rolfing structural integration is taught only in the Rolf Institute's certification programs). Not all scheduled courses are associated with the Rolf Institute. The Advanced Myofascial Certification Program is administered and accredited through Advanced-Trainings.com, and is not associated with the Rolf Institute® or with Rolfing® structural integration.

Cost & Registration Info

Contact the sponsoring organization for fees, registration information, CEU info, scholarships, policies, and deadlines. Past participants may often repeat a course for half-price (subject to availability). Sponsors in other locations may have different policies--please check with them directly. Click here for latest course schedule, locations, and list of sponsors.

Organizer inquiries invited! Contact us for information about sponsoring a workshop in your area or an in-service training with your organization.

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